Free Dryer and Washer for Low Income Families

A dryer has become a basic necessity of life. Due to having low income and also the lack of big houses due to the increasing population, people have to live in apartments where there is not any access to sunlight. In such situations, to get your clothes dry, you need to have a dryer that allows you to dry your clothes in no time without having to keep them under the sun.

However, dryers are quite expensive devices. This is the reason many people who don’t earn so much or are jobless ask me about the Free dryers for low-income families. Luckily, there are some government programs, organizations, and marketplaces that provide low-income people with free appliances like dryers if they meet their eligibility criteria. If you are a senior citizen, you can also apply for Free Roofing For Seniors.

Read this article to learn how to get a Free Washer and Dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, other appliances near you. Government grants and charities help for low income individuals and families.

Are there free dryers available for low-income families?

Fortunately, there are Free Washers and Dryers available for low-income families. Appliances like dryers are a basic necessity of life. Not only do they make our life easier, but also, using the sensor drying technology, they’re very energy efficient. 

Free Dryers

This is the reason why a number of government programs and non-profit organizations are giving out energy-efficient and basic needed appliances, such as Dryers. Do Lifeline Assistance and ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) Provide Free Dryers for low-income families?

Do Lifeline and ACP Provide Free Washer and Dryer?

Nope, they don’t provide any appliances as it’s not what they’re made for. Their job is to give low-income people access to technology like phones, tablets, and affordable or free phone services.

So, you can’t expect to get any appliances from them, but you can get free government phones or tablets from these programs if you desire.

Can Anyone Get A Free Dryer?

No, not everyone will be able to get a Free washer and Dryer. Free appliances are provided specifically to those people who have low incomes, who are jobless, homeless, or have any medical issues. 

If you’re wealthy enough to afford such appliances on your own and you’re also having a good life with enough income to meet the daily expenses, you won’t be eligible for a free dryer. Government also supporting cancer patients with Free Government Grants for Cancer Patients program. You might get one of the following appliance for free:

  • Miele
  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • GE Appliances
  • Kenmore
  • Amana
  • Frigidaire
  • Haier
  • Insignia
  • RCA

There is a criterion that most of the programs, especially the government ones, have that the persons have to meet in order to be eligible for free appliances, including dryers. 

Eligibility Criteria:

There are many different programs, including government programs and non-profit organizations, that give Free Washers and Dryers. Thus, their criteria may be changed. However, usually, the criteria for Free washers and Dryers for low-income is this:

  • Residency Requirements: Applicants must live in a specific area served by the program. To know this, you should visit the organisations or program’s website and see what states they’re covering.
  • Household Size: The size and composition of the family are taken into account; having more kids may increase the chances of eligibility.
  • Prior Assistance: Some programs only consider individuals who haven’t received similar help before.
  • Income Verification: Proof of income, which can include pay stubs, tax returns, or Social Security statements, is required.
  • Need Assessment: Depending on the household size and the presence of children or elderly members, applicants may need to demonstrate the necessity of receiving a free dryer.

When you meet that criterion, the second thing that you have to do is to look for the best programs that are offering Free Washers and Dryers. To help you save time and energy researching each of the programs, I’ve already researched the best Free washer and Dryer providers programs and put them together in the next section. Let’s talk about each now. 

Programs offering Free Washer and Dryers For Low Income Families:

I’ve researched each of the programs, organizations, and marketplaces that provide free dryers for low-income families. I’ll be telling you about each one by one now. 

Free Washer and Dryer

I’ll make the categories of each type so that it becomes easier for you to choose whether you want to apply for a Free washer and Dryer from government programs, organizations, or marketplaces.  

Best Government Programs That Offer Free Dryers:

When the name of the government is associated with any program, the authority and trust of the program increase automatically. This is the reason many people prefer government programs for helping low-income families. 

Consequently, in this section, I’ll tell you about all of the best government programs that offer free appliance for low-income families.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP):

Low-income Home Energy, which is usually known as the LIHEAP, is a government-funded program made to help people with their energy bills. The purpose of this program is solely to help people manage their energy bills and help them save energy.

To educate people about energy consumption and how to reduce it properly, the program also offers counseling and training. Isn’t that amazing? The thing of interest here is that LIHEAP also offers Free washer and Dryers for low-income families, and it’s part of its weatherization program.  You can apply for this program by visiting Its official website. 

High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA): 

HEEHRA is another amazing government-funded program that works to help low-income people save their energy and manage their utility bills. This program funds you to cover the cost of purchasing a heat pump that you can use to dry your clothes instead of a free dryer. 

Why’s that? Well, heat pumps are more energy efficient than dryers, which are used for the same thing. Since the HEEHRA program wants to help people save more and more energy so that their utility bills can be reduced, they only offer heat pumps. Furthermore, they also cover the installation expense of the pump.

Energy Star Rebates

If you have some money, then you can go for Energy Star Rebates, which is a joint program with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Both of these programs work to make households energy efficient. As its name suggests, Energy Star Rebates gives rebates to people who need to buy energy-efficient appliances, but they’re not free.

To get the rebates, you need to go to a store that is participating in the Energy Star rebates program. If you go to any store that doesn’t participate in this program, you won’t be able to get the rebates on your dryer. The amount you’ll get as a rebate will depend on how much the dryer costs. 

Other than these three government programs, there are the best non-profit organizations that give Free washers and Dryers to low-income people as well.  

Best Non-Profit Organisations That Offer Free Dryer For Low Income Families:

Non-profit organizations are doing a great job for people who don’t earn so much or the ones who are jobless. They’re providing not only free phones, tablets, and other devices to them but also free dryers and other appliances. By giving out such dryers, they’re helping people to save time and energy consumption. 

Habitat For Humanity: 

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit organisation working for low-income people across the globe. They provide different assistance, including free furniture and appliances like Dryers. 

They have a network of ReStores worldwide. These are basically stores that sell donated items. There are some ReStores of Habitat for Humanity that also offer free dryers for low-income families. 

You can definitely consider making your way to any of your nearby Habitat for Humanity ReStore or apply for a Free washer and Dryer online from their website by contacting them.

Goodwill Industries: 

Despite Goodwill Industries’ mission to eliminate unemployment and train people to be independent, some of their stores offer free dryers to low-income people. They have a network of stores where people are allowed to come and donate the appliances that they no longer need. 

The organization uses the money from donated items to fund their training to employ people and also offers some free appliances to people who really need them. Visit the official website of Goodwill Industries or go to any of their nearby stores to apply for a Free Washer and Dryer.

The Salvation Army: 

The Salvation Army is quite a well-known organisation created by the Christian people to help people in need.  This organization has Thrift stores all over the US where they provide free appliances, including dryers. You can also apply and get Salvation Army Hotel Vouchers Online.

It works the same as Goodwill Industries, as in thrift stores, people can come and donate the things that they no longer need. However, instead of selling these things, the Salvation Army organization gives them out for free to those who are in need.  Visit the Salvation Army’s official website to find a thrift store near you, or call their hotline (1-800-725-2769).

The Free Store:

The Free Store group receives donations of different things that they provide for free. Besides the free dryers, they also offer clothing, devices, and other daily necessities items so that low-income people’s lives can run smoothly.  

The Free Store group has different branches all over the US. You can find the one that’s near you by visiting their official website. 

You can go to any of these organizations to get a Free Washer and Dryer if you belong to a low-income household. They’re all legit.

Online Marketplaces To Get Free Dryer:

There are many amazing marketplaces that you may know of and may also have shopped from. However, what you don’t know is that you can also get a dryer for free from them. Let’s see how:

Facebook Marketplace: 

Facebook, which is now called Meta, is one of the biggest social media apps in the world. You guys may be aware of the Facebook marketplace where people sell their stuff. Many online stores list their items on Facebook marketplaces, and people buy them. 

The best thing about the Facebook marketplace is that anybody can list their products on it. Many kind people put those items for free on the marketplace that they no longer need so that needy people can use them. 

You can explore the free dryers on the Facebook marketplace, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll surely get a free listing of the appliance there. You also need to check Does Smart And Final Take EBT Card.


Letgo is a marketplace that won’t give you a Free Washer and Dryer but an affordable one. LetGO is an e-commerce site where people sell their products. This site has a dedicated section for used items, which are reasonably priced. You can explore that section and use the search option to search for a dryer. 

You’ll surely get a cheaper dryer in the section that you can buy. Other than that search feature, there are other features as well, like changing the locations that you can use to search for the dryer available near your place. 


OfferUp, which is another marketplace, isn’t for those people who want a completely free dryer. It works just like the LetGO and has a used items section on its marketplace. You can explore that section, look for an inexpensive dryer, and then get it. 

You can make use of the available options that will help narrow down your search, making it the most relevant to you. That’s why don’t forget to use those options as well.


Freecycles are community groups that are made to help needy people. These groups allow everyone to post their needs so that the members who want to help can help. 

Put up a post that you need a free dryer and how you can’t get one on your own. There may be many who will help you out either by helping you cover the dryer’s cost or by giving their used one to you. So, consider the Freecycle for getting a free of cost dryer.

These are all of the best marketplaces that offer free and affordable dryers for low-income families. But now the question is, how will you apply for a Free Washer and Dryer for low-income families? The next section will teach you just that. Keep reading.

How To Apply For A Free Dryer For low-income Families?

In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how you can apply for a free dryer if you belong to a low-income family. The steps will be the same for any program or organisation that you want to apply for.

Step 1: Whichever program or organisation you choose, go to their official website and read about their criteria. The criteria I mentioned above may change for different organizations and government programs. 

Step 2: When you meet the criteria, you’ll need the required documents that will help you confirm your eligibility for a dryer for free. These documents are different depending on what programs, but in general, these will include proof of income, utility bills, and rental agreements.

Step 3: If you’re applying for a government program, some of them work with local organizations to help people in certain areas. If your program is also working with any organizations, check on their website to see which of these organisations covers your state. You can do so either by contacting the program’s customer support or by visiting their official website. 

Step 4: Now, when the above things are done, the next process is to complete an application of applying for a free dryer. The application form will be different depending on the program you’re applying for. You can get it from their website and then fill it out. Ensure that you fill in your details correctly so that your application doesn’t get rejected. You may also be asked to provide the required documents that we’ve talked about. Provide the documents as well. You should also read Free Government Hearing Aids if you have issue with hearing.

Step 5: After filling out the details, the next thing to do is to apply. Once the application is submitted, be patient, as it may take the program some time to review your application and then approve it. If your application gets approved, you’ll be contacted by the program representative either through the call or through the message. They’ll guide you further about getting a Free Washer and Dryer. 

That’s how you can easily apply for a free of cost dryer for low-income families.


How can low-income families get a free of cost dryer?

Low-income families can get a dryer for free through various assistance programs. Check local charities, non-profits, and government assistance programs like LIHEAP for eligibility and application details.

Are there specific requirements to qualify for a free appliance?

Yes, most programs have income guidelines. You typically need to provide proof of income, residency, and sometimes a family size to qualify.

Where can I apply for a dryer for free for low-income families?

Apply through local social service agencies, community action programs, or check online for non-profit organizations that offer such appliances for low-income families.

Final Words:

A dryer is a basic need that allows you to save your energy, electricity, and time as well. It enables you to dry your clothes after washing them, even when you’re living in a closed apartment with no access to sunlight.  

If you belong to a low-income family, you can consider applying for the above-discussed government program, non-profit organizations, and marketplaces that will give you free dryers for low-income families. Make sure that you meet the criteria of any of these programs that you apply for, and then follow the step-by-step guide given above to apply for the Free Washer and Dryer.

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