How to Claim Free Government Phone and Tablet USA

Technology has advanced and we prefer digital devices such as phones and tablets instead of doing things in person, such as interviews or applying for jobs. For many like me, tablets and phones are like treasures. They are especially treasures for students who need them for their homework. People who do not have much money such as disabled people, seniors or jobless people, are looking for free government phone and tablet programs to help them.

The issue is that things are getting more expensive and some students, people without jobs or people with disabilities cannot afford these intelligent gadgets. But I have good news for you. There is no need to worry if you cannot afford one because there are government programs that give out free government iPhones and tablets. 

What is the worth of a free government phone and tablet? 

Are you looking for the free tablet without any high demand? If positive then it is a great deal.

Of the many options I have checked, only one offers top brands such as Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad. So it is best to have expectations that are reasonable.

Galaxy Tabs iPads you get may be refurbished. But they perform better than most low-end gadgets. The Q Link Scepter is known for its low end tablet. Here I suspect these issues stem from its internal storage and inferior processor and RAM.

All About Free Government Phones and Tablets 

This aims to give suitable people an approach to vital devices. These programs offer tablets for free. Hence, they help close the gap among those with less income and people with high pay. 

Free Government Phone and Tablet

The state ensures that all have the same chances to stay updated and connected. In addition, it gives out free phones and tablets to help people learn stuff, find job options and more. 

How to avail Free Tablets and Phones?

To receive a free tablet or smartphone, you must fulfill criteria.  It relies on participation in programs such as SNAP or Medicaid. Showing paper like proof of pay or signup in these programs is also needed. Ensure you research and apply through official providers to secure a device that meets your needs.

What are the Criteria for eligibility?

Families or low-income homes can receive a free government Lifeline program tablet or phone or ACP if they fulfill certain criteria. So to be suitable and the minimum age is 18 years. Besides this, I am an emancipated minor when applying for these programs.

Certain rules apply for allowing free government mobile phones and tablets to ensure that limited help goes to homes that require it.

Lifeline Eligibility Criteria

The Lifeline free phone and tablet Program offers deals on monthly internet or phone services to families with low incomes. Those who are eligible can pick between receiving a free phone or tablet with unlimited data and opting for discounted smartphone service.

Pay Based Criteria

People who earn a low income or live in homes with incomes at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines can qualify for the Lifeline Assistance Program. The income limits may differ relying on where you live.

Program Based 

People who are part of specific government assistance programs can qualify for the Lifeline free tablet and phone program. The programs are listed below.

  • SNAP 
  • TANF
  • Medicaid
  • SSI
  • Assistance for Federal Public Housing under Medicaid or FPHA
  • Pension or Survivors Benefit Programs 
  • Indian Affairs Bureau or BIA General Support
  • Tribal Short Term Aid for Needy Families or Tribal TANF.
  • Program to Distribute Food on Indian Reservations 
  • Native Head Start. It is for only homes that fulfill the income qualifying bar.

Affordable Connectivity Program

ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) offers free phones and tablets with unlimited data options to families meeting low income criteria.

Criteria Based on Income

People with less income or homes earning at or less then 200% of the federal poverty policies can qualify for this SCP program. Here the exact income limit may differ based on where you live.

Eligibility on Programs

If you are part of some government assistance programs then may entitle for this ACP program. These programs consist of the following.

  • Medicaid
  • Lifeline
  • WIC
  •  Reduced or Free Price Breakfast and Lunch Program
  • Also, Veteran’s Pension And Survivor’s Pension 
  • Tribal schemes
  • Federal Public Assistance, such as Public Housing 
  • Section 8 Program
  • If you are a family member who has accepted a Federal Pell Grant.

Please check the pay rules on their official site or ask the Lifeline ACP service provider. Are you a Lifeline subscriber? If so, they may automatically qualify you for the ACP. 

Documents Needed

When signing up for Lifeline and ACP Combo, you should provide some papers / documents. This shows that you qualify. You have to give papers that prove who you are, show your pay, and show that you are part of a state program.

Identity Documents 

Following are the papers you may need to offer to equip for plans to get free tabs and smartphones.

  • Driving license of US.
  • Certificate of birth
  • Social Security Card
  • Military discharge paper 
  • State, Tribal, State or Military ID
  • Copy of the utility bill
  •  Green Card
  • Current tax or W2 return
  • Copy of the mortgage or rent statement
  • Copy of the Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Certification of US Naturalization or Citizenship

Income Proof

 I am providing the following forms as proof of income.

  • Federal Letter
  • Tribal notice letter
  • Pay statement 
  • A salary from an employer
  • Also tax return
  • Three straight pay stubs
  • Report of Benefits from Workers Compensation
  • Statement from Veterans Administration
  • Official papers such as divorce decrees or others that indicate your pay info.
  •  Tribal, federal or state tax returns from the last year

Proof of Participation

I provided the following papers to show that I am part of government help programs.

  • Approval letter 
  • Benefits Statements
  • Papers of School
  • Benefit confirmation letter and award letter

For the ACP and lifeline plan, the applicant is 18 years old. In the case of an emancipated minor, one needs to show the following papers.

  •  Emancipation certificate copy
  • Court document copy

How to Apply For Free Government Phone and Tablet?

The free government phone application method is easy and basic. To begin the procedure, follow the steps.

Check the Eligibility

Ensure you fulfill the bars for the ACP and Lifeline programs by using our online Eligibility Checker. After that they will review if you apply for these plans.

Pick Service Provider

Pick the one that offers free government phones and tablets. Here, you will look for your area.

Finish The Procedure

It would help if you approached a service provider and then finish the procedure. You need to provide papers showing eligibility. It is proof of pay, identity or participation in state programs.

Wait For Approval

After that, please wait for your service provider to check the application. You can also track the status of free government cellphone application online.

Get Device

After submission the service provider will check it. If they approve it, you can get a free government smartphone or tablet with calling choices, text, and unlimited data. 

Top Programs Offering Free Government iPhone and Tablet

Here is the thing. The US government does not offer smartphones and tablets directly. However, it has introduced two primary programs allowing low-income people to have notable discounted and free internet services and phones.

Lifeline Assistance Program

The main aim of this program is to support low slavery people who could not afford rab, phones and free Internet. Indeed they have some criteria. So, if you want to be part of government aid programs such as Medicaid or have a salary at or less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. 

The program gives some people a discount on their monthly bills. If you succeed, you may get around $9.25 off per month. But if you live on Tribal lands, you can get an even bigger monthly discount of up to $34.25.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

This program also helps low-salary homes pay for broadband services. Besides this, it can also help them minimize the cost of the phone services that come with Internet and phone packages. 

Here is the critical point. The ACP has not taken any more applications since February 7, 2024. The program will give its last whole month of funding in April 2024.

  • In ACP, each month, the household receives 30 dollar discounts on broadband services.
  • Also, there is a discount of about 75 % each month. It is also for low salary families.
  • Also, low-paying homes get a one-time discount of around 100 dollars. It is to buy tablets, phones, laptops or computers from any service provider. It is only if they can add about 10 dollars or less than 50 dollars towards the residual cost of the device.

Top Providers Offering Program

Cintex Wireless

It is a premier ACP and Lifeline service provider. Cintex Wireless offers smartphones and tabs to people who qualify, and its monthly service plans consist of free minutes, high-speed internet, and text.

Q Link Wireless

It is famous for offering top-notch tablets and mobile phones for free. The firm offers a plan consisting of government free phone service with unlimited data and text talk. So you ought to visit the site, enter the zip code and email ID, select the Get It Now option, and follow the instructions to finish the application form.

Easy Wireless

It provides free texting and calling, discounted or free tablets with data, and a free smartphone.

You can register with the provider by visiting their website. All you need to do is enter your email ID and zip code, press Enroll, follow the message on the screen, and complete the form.

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless is a Lifeline service provider that gives out free Android and Apple tabs and smartphones with a data plan. The plan consists of free minutes, data, and text. To apply, please visit their website, click on Apply, enter the zip code, select the chosen plan, and fill out the application form by providing the vital info and paper.

NewPhone Wireless

Low-salary homes can have free government and tablet phones from NewPhone Wireless. It also offers a free monthly service plan with unlimited talking, texting, and fast data. To take advantage of this, go to the website, click Apply, enter the zip code, pick a plan, and fill out the form.

Assurance Wireless

It is a deluxe provider that offers free smartphones. The firm not only gives a free mobile but also excellent programs for suitable buyers. You can register yourself on Aussrance Wireless website to get Assurance Wireless Free Phone. On the website, enter your zip code, pic a plan,, and finish the form.

enTouch Wireless

You can get a free phone and plan by visiting the official site. On enTouch Wireless website, click the Enroll option, choose the plan and state, and then fill out the form online.

And Charities and Nonprofit Organizations That Gives Free Tablets and Mobile Phone

So here is a thing. Besides the federal states, many NGOs offer free mobile phones and tablets to low income people. 

  • Causes
  • Computers for Learning
  • EveryoneOn
  • Computer Technology Assistance Corps
  • Cty.Org
  • Human IT
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
  • Computers 4 Kids
  • Smartriverside
  • PCs for People


Indeed the Free Government Phone and Tablet program is a positive steps from the government. It opens the door to opportunities for low-wedges people who cannot get the full benefits of the Internet. Mobile phones and tablets are some of the most vital tools that help you find a job and even help in your studies. If you want the device, enroll yourself in the programs but to follow the eligibility critters. These free government phones and tablets are only for low-pay homes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is eligible for a free mobile phone and tablet?

These programs are for low-income people, also the plans such as ACP and Lifeline present free or low-rate tables and phones to all people. You also have to join a government-sponsored program like SNAP. 

Can I have free phone and a tablet together?

It all depends on the provider and program you choose. Some may offer both but others may offer tablets or smartphones.

How to apply for the smartphone and free tablets?

For this, please find potential providers in your place. Also, you can visit their sites for application information. Besides, you have to submit papers for proof. The list of the papers is in the blog. 

How long does it take to receive a phone or tablet after applying?

Here, the time depends on the application volume and the program type.

What type of tablet or phone will I get?

So, the type of phone or tab you will get depends on the service provider and the type of program. The device can be new or refurbished and the features and model may vary.

Are there any hidden fees while applying for free iPhone Government Phones and Tablets?

The mobile phone or tablet is free. Sometimes, you may be responsible for service fees depending on the plan you pick.

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